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17 – 19 September 2018

Switzerland was represented as one out of 4 European countries amongst 39 international experts from 18 countries covering all continents

For the first time in history WHO benchmarks for Ayurveda were written by international experts. After the historic agreement in 2016 between the Indian government (AYUSH ministry) and WHO regarding global promotion of Indian traditional medical systems, the 3 day Working Group Meet was inaugurated ceremoniously on 17th September in Jaipur by Secretary AYUSH, Dr Rajesh Kotecha (seated 6th from left) and in absence of Dr Zhang Qi, director of the unite for traditional and complementary medicine at WHO, by Dr Kim, WHO representative for South-East Asia in Delhi (7th from left).

For the revision of the drafts for the benchmarks for clinical practice in Ayurveda, for Panca Karma (sub-group of Ayurveda) and for Unani medicine, 3 working groups were set up – each with 13 experts – for an intensive work on the documents over 3 days.

The scope is to ensure quality assurance and patient safety in the globalisation of traditional and complementary medicine with the help of minimum standards.

Switzerland was represented by Dr Simone Hunziker (medical and academic director of SAMA-Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy in Vevey, former president of ASMTA and Founding President of the Indo-Swiss Ayurveda Foundation) in the working group on “clinical practice in Ayurveda”. Together with Prof. Jeorge Berra from Argentina she was nominated as co-rapporteur for the working group. The representatives of the other 3 European countries came from Italy, Hungary and Latvia.

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