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Training for practitioners and physicians

Training Programs

In order to promote Ayurveda as a medical system in the West, SAMA has designed, in collaboration with its Indian partners. Training courses in Ayurvedic medicine in accordance with the WHO Benchmarks and ODA AM Directives.

Basic training in Ayurveda is the same for practitioners and physicians however, at the clinical level the courses will differ slightly (see training modules). The training is structured in the form of block courses covering one or more weeks, many of which take place in India, delivered by senior doctors experienced in teaching, near an Ayurvedic hospital service.

The training covers 3 years and final written and oral exams are mandatory. For the validation of the training, a 6 week internship for doctors and a 3 month internship for practitioners is required. The partner institutions of SAMA in India welcome the students of the MedVaidya curriculum for these courses with a high-level training accompaniment.

The diplomas are issued jointly by SAMA and the partner institutions. During the dialogue between the international Ayurvedic community and the AYUSH Department (Ministry of Health of India), it was stipulated that the AYUSH formally recognizes training courses that comply with its guidelines (reflected in the WHO guidelines) and include a hospital internship in India.

The skills acquired at the end of the training are described in the training objectives and competencies and are based on the training content. Both meet the requirements of WHO and OdA AM guidelines.

The professional competences in Ayurveda in terms of liberty and field of application are the same for modern physicians with complementary training in Ayurveda and for practitioners with a federal diploma: both can practice Ayurvedic medicine in its full scope of application in compliance with the laws and Regulations of the country in which they are established.

In daily work there may be differences in the type of clinical situations managed by either of them (see professions in Switzerland) and the physician can make a diagnosis and in parallel indicate a treatment in modern medicine.

Training in Ayurveda for physicians trained in modern medicine would fall into the category of complementary training (see professions in Switzerland). We are working for Ayurveda to be one day recognised for continuous medical education and as a discipline of Complementary Medicine in Switzerland like other disciplines (Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy, anthroposophic medicine).

The proposed program for physicians is flexible in content and process.

The full training over 2 ½ years covers 2,685 training hours including 930 classroom hours, 1455 hours of guided supervised training and 300 hours of practical training

1 st year

2 seminars in Switzerland and 2 in India;

2 nd year

1 seminar in Switzerland and 2 in India;

3 rd year

1 block course in India (specialization module for doctors)

Clinical internship

minimum 6 weeks

The training in Ayurvedic medicine is the main training for practitioners trained for the federal diploma under the OdA AM (see professions in Switzerland). They must also have a solid background in academic medicine and general professional knowledge (including anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, first aid, public health, office management) defined by the OdA AM .

Training of 3'440 hours including 1140 class room hours,1700 hours of guided supervised training and 600 hours of practical training

1 st year

2 seminars in Switzerland and 2 in India;

2 nd year

1 seminar in Switzerland and 2 in India;

3 rd year

1 seminars in Switzerland and 2 in India;

4 th year

Clinical internship of minimum 3 months (12 weeks)


In Switzerland

SAMA-Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy in Vevey: EduQua certified school, is known for its high standards of training and was a pilot school for Ayurveda in the regulation of federal diplomas in Switzerland

In India

Academy and hospital facilities of the partner institution of SAMA, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) in Coimbatore and surroundings, Tamil Nadu. Both in India and internationally, AVP is recognized as a reference institution for bridging the preservation of traditional knowledge with modern development in Ayurveda and as a leader in the globalisation process.

Director and mentor: Dr Simone Hunziker

Dean: Dr U. Indulal

The academic body is composed of a variety of experienced Indian physician trainers, some with a traditional Gurukulam training, others with post-graduate training and experience in documentation and scientific research. Most of them have international experience.

Most courses are given in English and translated into French (later also in German), course materials are available in both languages (later also in German).


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