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Professional Training In Ayurveda

Training In Ayurveda medicince
Physicians & Practitioners
SAMA is running a unique training program in Ayurveda medicine certified by the Swiss government organisation OdA AM for the modules M2 (training in Ayurveda Medicine) and M6 (internship in Ayurveda Medicine). It is designed with reference to WHO guidelines and BAMS* content. Seminars are held in Switzerland and in India. The medium of instruction is English, teaching material is available in French, subsequently also in German. Internship is accomplished mainly in the Indian hospital:
*Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

Training Programs

Training content

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General information

Scopes & competences

Professions in Ayurveda

Switzerland has 3 regulated professions for Ayurveda
The Swiss government has created two new health professions in Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapy leading to Federal Diplomas on tertiary education level. Ayurveda has been regulated and recognised in both of them.

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Ayurveda for physicians

Physicians with additional training in Ayurveda medicine have the right to practice Ayurveda and bill it as general health delivery under the basic insurances. Once Ayurveda will be recognised as a discipline of Complementary Medicine for Swiss physicians its health deliveries will be specifically regulated under the basic health insurances.

Ayurveda for practitioners

Ayurveda has been recognised as a decipline of “Alternative Medicine” under the ageas of OdA AM*. It applies to future health professionals who wish to complete full training in a traditional medical system in addition to training in fundamentals of biomedicine.
*Organisation der Arbeitswelt Alternativ Medizin

Ayurveda for therapists

Ayurveda has been recognised as a decipline of “Complementary Therapy” under the ageas of OdA KT*. The Ayurveda Therapist is practicing therapeutic massage, therapeutic nutrititon and life style counselling as well as psychological support independently or in association with an Ayurveda practitioner or physician.
*Organisation der Arbeitswelt Komplementaer Therapie

Continuous medical education in Ayurveda medicine and therapy

Academic Team

SAMA’s faculty is composed by experienced Swiss and Indian teachers who have in common the motivation to transmit high level Ayurveda on the bases of the classical texts. Many of them are senior clinicians with international exposure.

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SAMA School

The quality of SAMA’s academic board & partners as well as the school’s history and development contribute to its recognition by the Indian and the international Ayurveda community.

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Ethic, Scopes & Rules

SAMA’s ethical charter ensures genuine professionalism and authentic transmission of knowledge. It applies for the school as well as for the students.

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