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Medical Consultation

Ayurveda medicine has access to early diagnoses and treatment. During the medical consultation we will establish an ayurvedic diagnosis and define the corresponding treatment line based on the prescription of therapeutic products through oral and external administration. If indicated we refer the client to a specialised physician or for ayurvedic in-patient treatment. More about SAMA’s clinical practice..


The therapist will on the bases of an ayurvedic health assessment define and execute a treatment line based on the elaborate arts of therapeutic massage, nutrition, lifestyle and psychological advise. She will accompany and coach the client through the process of creating an adequate environment and habits to restore and maintain health. Know more about the therapist and how she can help you.

Diseases Treated Successfully

In the context of integrative medicine Ayurveda is more than merely a preventive or palliative medicine and does more than address chronic degenerative disorders. Acute digestive disorders, inflammations, certain infections and injuries can also be managed according to the clinician’s knowledge and skills.

Various acute and chronic disorders of the musculo-squelettal and cardio-vascular system, of the digestif tract as well as neurological, metabolic and gynecological diseases are amongst the successfully treated conditions by Ayurveda. Know more about specific diseases.

The Medical Team

SAMA’s therapeutic team in Switzerland has established since 2010 a medical collaboratin with its Indian partner institution, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy headquartered in Coimbatore and recognised for its leading role in the globalisation of Ayurveda as a medical system. This ensures quality in the therapeutic process and security for the patient while offering the possibility of in-patient treatments in India that SAMA cannot provide in Switzerland. Know more about the collaborators, tariffs, reimbursements : Contact us

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