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SAMA dedicates itself to the creation of a centre of reference for the clinical practice and professional training in Ayurveda, the objective being to help toward its being officially recognised as a medical system in the West.Good health is a basic right, for humanity and for the planet, which must be promoted and protected.

To face the problems of world health today and in the future, it is vital that we develop and promote, in tandem with current Western academic medicine, alternative medicines which approach health in a holistic manner, while according nature its due respect. Modern Western medicine has certainly made most useful contributions: but it focuses on illness, symptoms, and specialisations. It relies on a synthetic pharmacopeia and on compartmented principles, with no regard for pathological disorders until an advanced stage. Treatments involve numerous side-effects and contribute to ecological imbalances by chemically polluting water and soil.

With Ayurveda, SAMA seeks to promote a medical system which offers a nuanced understanding of health, and which has effective means for its maintenance — and, if necessary, for restoring it with a minimum of side-effects. Unlike other traditional medical systems, Ayurveda is still practised and taught today up to university level, in its totality and along its founding principles.

But Ayurveda is not just a medical system. It is a system of traditional knowledge which makes the patient a responsible partner in the therapeutic process. It thus contributes to the education of a society whose members cherish physical and mental health, and human relationships, while helping to preserve the environment.

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