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Good to know

For the time being SAMA is proposing out-patient treatments in Switzerland and is working on a project to develop the day hospitalization that is needed for deeper treatments.

Ayurveda uses outpatient treatment to all possible extents. This involves medical and therapeutic consultation  as well as various manual treatments. The frequency of consultations and care is indicated by the physician and the therapist who work together.

The conditions and pathologies treated with good results by Ayurveda are numerous and concern as much physical as psychological affections. It is not recommended, however, to wait until the disease sets in and progresses to undertake action for restoring health. Ayurveda disposes of efficient tools for early diagnoses. Many early signs are likely to indicate that an organism has left the physiological equilibrium. Ayurveda has also a fine individualized understanding of family, socio-cultural or professional predisposing factors. In addition to medicines and treatments, lifestyle, nutrition and mental hygiene offer effective means, if implemented with nuance, well indicated and practised in compliance with individual needs.

In-patient treatment is not only indicated when ambulatory treatment is insufficient. It is effective in maintaining health of people exposed to high performance such as artists and athletes. Performed regularly, these treatments favorably influence the physical and mental balance while slowing down the aging process of the organism.

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