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In-patient treatment

In-patient treatment

Whether it is for the treatment of an advanced pathology that is difficult to handle on an outpatient basis, for burn-out treatment that requires a calm and safe environment or for a targeted preventive action, for the preparation of a pregnancy or a cure of rehabilitation, hospital or in-patient treatment are effective. Not only because close and continuous monitoring provide a secure environment for deep treatments but also because they provide rest, a space for retreat and returning to oneself.

For the time being, there are no health centers or hospitals in Switzerland or Central Europe that offer Ayurvedic treatments of a quality comparable to that of SAMA partner hospitals in India. Moreover, the duration of treatments (i.e. minimum 2 weeks for the maintenance of health, 3 weeks for a deep treatment and more for certain pathologies) would generate important costs in Switzerland. In India they are comparatively modest and in our partner hospitals they are below the rates of today’s India’s wellness sector. Some complementary insurances cover part of the costs of in-patient care in India.

SAMA has established a medical network with partner hospitals in India. SAMA refers clients for hospital treatment after initial medical consultations in Switzerland. The doctor in Switzerland indicates the hospital of choice and draws up a detailed medical report to the physician in charge in India. SAMA coordinates the bookings, accompanies customers in the preparations and keeps in touch with them and the head doctor during their stay. When Drsse S. Hunziker is on site she would visit the patients and on their return have follow-up consultations on the basis of the medical report of the physician in charge in India.

The pathologies treated in Ayurveda with good results - both psychically and physically - are numerous. In some cases, hospital treatment may be necessary even for advanced functional disorders.

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