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In-patient stay in India

In-patient stay in India

The duration of an in-patient treatment in India is indicated by the physician at SAMA in consultation with the doctor in charge of the hospital to which the client is referred.

The aim of any medical treatment in Ayurveda is to restore the metabolic balance at the organic, tissue and cellular level, otherwise health cannot be restored sustainably and indepth. This usually involves prolonged treatment. Deep elimination procedures require a minimum stay of 3 to 4 weeks.

On the day of arrival, the patient will have an initial consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor on the basis of the medical report from SAMA. Depending on the therapeutic line the patient will receive regular manual treatments (up to several sessions a day) along with continued Ayurvedic medication and a suitable diet throughout the stay. The medical visit takes place once to twice a day.

Yoga exercises, pranayama and psychological accompaniment are indicated according to needs, either individually or in groups.

If a SAMA doctor is on site, they visit the client, otherwise he / she will remain in contact with the client either by e-mail or by telephone.

Hospital treatment in SAMA's partner hospitals in India is aimed at medical treatment and not at tourism, for which they are not adapted. According to the classical texts, Ayurvedic treatments should not be practised by the sea but inside the country. These hospitals are therefore located far from the coast.

These treatments are an opportunity to retire from the outside world, and will unfold their full potential if rest and peace are respected. The stay lends itself to reading, meditation, games and creative activities. During treatment there is no need to leave the hospital. A visit to India should be made before the cure and a possible stay by the sea should only be done at the end of the course.

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