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medical consultations

The medical consultation is practiced by the doctor or practitioner in Ayurveda. The human being is understood as an unseparable whole of “body, mind and spirit” and individual singularities are given much importance.

By means of a detailed patient history and a clinical examination, supplemented if necessary by para-clinical examinations, the diagnosis is determined according to the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. A diagnosis of academic medicine can be established in parallel. We will of course take into account existing diagnoses and medical reports as well as ongoing treatments. According to Ayurvedic principles he therapeutic strategy will consider the constitution, age, vital force, psychic strength, the quality of digestive fire and tissues as well as individual pathophysiological disorders.

The treatment involves prescription of Ayurvedic medicines, manual techniques (involving medicinal preparations), deep elimination procedures, individualized nutrition and lifestyle therapy, and psychological coaching according to the millennium old understanding of mind and spirit in Ayurveda.

The pathologies treated with Ayurveda  are numerous. The practitionar respects the indications and contraindications of each prescription and will indicate Ayurveda hospital treatment or refer a patient to a specialist if necessary. He will also delegate part of the health advice and the execution of the care to the therapists of the center, while supervising the proper management of the care.

Consultations in Ayurvedic medicine are given by Dr. Simone Hunziker, physician, and by Jean-Pierre Bigler, a practitioner in Ayurveda who is also responsible for the therapy at SAMA. Dr Hunziker completed her university education in Switzerland before specializing in complementary medicine. For the past ten years, she has dedicated herself to the study, practise and promotion of Ayurveda in Switzerland and India. She is the medical director of SAMA and the director of the school.

Consultations and supervision sessions are held regularly with the senior medical officers  of the partner institutions in India.

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