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Medical System

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Medical System

Traditionally, Ayurveda has eight specialist branches that work jointly in an overall approach that is at once curative, palliative, preventive and educational:

1. Internal medicine (also including the pancha karma deep elimination procedures and pharmacology)
2. Pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics
3. ENT and facial surgery
4. Surgery
5. Toxicology
6. Regeneration of the body and immunity reinforcement
7. Fertility and procreation
8. Treatment of conditions of supernatural origin

Over the centuries, Ayurveda has developed on a basis of empirical as well as factual medicine (evidence-based medicine or EBM) — of which witness such data-bases as DHARA and the AYUSH RESEARCH PORTAL

The traditional professional hierarchy of Ayurveda covers both the strictly medical domain (ayurvedic doctors) and the paramedical (therapists, dieticians, masseurs and ayurvedic nurses). The profession of pharmacist in ayurvedic medicine is evolving as a specific specialisation parallel with the ayurvedic pharmaceutical industry. english

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