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Open door presentation

Open door presentation

If you are interested in our training courses, we will be happy to welcome you to one of our information evenings, in order to:

present the School’s curriculum in detail, by means of a 45-minute commented session

a question-and-answer session of about 30 minutes, and

on demand, a brief personal orientation interview with one of the head teachers, with a view to possibly registering

Sessions held at:

SAMA-Swiss Ayurvedic Medical Academy
Route de Châtel-St-Denis 10
CH-1802 Corseaux

2018 : 08.10.2018 / 11.11.2018

After the pilot phase SAMA dedicates itself to upgrade the MedVaidya training program: From 2019 on the beginning of the training program will shift from April to November.

Open-door presentations for the next new batch to start are scheduled one year in advance, from October 2018 on. You can of course contact us right away to get useful information.

Wednesday 17.10.2018
Thursday 29.11.2018
Thursday 17.01.2019
Wednesday 20.03.2019
Wednesday 24.04.2019

If you wish to participate, kindly let us know:


phone: +41 (0) 21 320 05 90

fax: +41 (0) 21 320 05 91

how to get there:

If you are interested in training as an Ayurveda physician or practitioner and not living in Switzerland, please contact us to get an appointment for a Skype meeting with the school director, in order to discuss your project, with a view to possibly registering.

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