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SAMA Partner Bodies &Reference Institutions

SAMA Partner Bodies &Reference Institutions

SAMA is a partner of the ISA Foundation and signatory to memoranda of understanding with Indian Ayurveda institutions and the Indian government (AYUSH).

The aim of these partnerships is to develop and promote clinical practice, professional training, and research in Ayurveda, both in the West and in India. The Indian institutions provide the knowledge and experience of top-level Ayurveda professionals, SAMA helping to improve the quality of premises, equipment, services and professional training, as well as to developing new projects aimed at an international clientele in India. SAMA refers patients to partner hospitals in India for in-patient treatment. It also arranges training seminars at Indian academies; and Indian doctors visit Switzerland to help with medical consultancy and teaching.

The Indo-Swiss Ayurveda Foundation (ISA)

ISA is a non-governmental organisation with exponents from the fields of Ayurveda, science, academy, politics and diplomacy from Europe and from India and is working towards the recognition of Ayurveda as a medical system in the West.
It is a non for profit Foundation with international objectives. Its seat is in Geneva under Swiss jurisdiction.
ISA is engaged in numerous projects and actions.

Founded in 1943, AVP is today the second-largest Ayurveda institution in southern India, where Ayurveda is the most widespread. For nearly twenty years it has been run by a governing body under the chairmanship of P.R. Krishnakumar Varier, a qualified ayurvedic doctor as was his father, P.V.Rama Varier, the founder of AVP. Among other features, AVP has a large-scale, traditional ayurvedic pharmaceutical production unit with a modern, WHO-standard wing; several hospitals, including the one at Coimbatore, considered among the five best hospitals in India;

a university college and an academy; a documentation and research reference centre; a large botanical garden; and numerous medical clinics and sales points for ayurvedic medicines in the whole of India, particularly the south.

In 2010, P.R. Krishnakumar was awarded the title of Padma Shri by the Indian government for his contribution to Ayurveda. His life’s work has featured a number of pioneering projects designed to promote Ayurveda internationally. A lifelong active promoter of Ayurveda to the Indian government and WHO, from 1980 to 1995 he set up and directed a revolutionary model for instructing ayurvedic doctors in India. This turned out a unique generation of doctors who now head major institutions in southern India. Interrupted for bureaucratic reasons, the plan would be recognised by AYUSH again in 2010. Krishnakumar was also the guiding force behind the first random, double-blind clinical ayurvedic study, carried out in collaboration with the University of Washington and financed by the National Institute of Health, or NIH. It showed that the effectiveness of Ayurveda can be evaluated by modern scientific research criteria in the context of its own principles. The first data-base for Ayurveda scientific research (DHARA), as well as the first programme of clinical documentation for Ayurveda (RUDRA), were developed at their research centre (itself part of the AVP Trust).

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