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Patient history and health check precede any therapeutic action. They are performed by the therapist or by the medical practitioner - reimbursed by complementary health insurances – and result in an individualized treatment plan. Follow-up consultations allow to evaluate the evolution and adapt the strategy. Therapists and doctors work together at SAMA. Depending on the situation, treatment plans are developed by doctors and then performed by therapists under medical supervision.

Apart from certain specialised techniques, all the manual therapies commonly used in Ayurveda are practiced at SAMA.

In addition to performing manual treatments, the therapist accompanies the client in the therapeutic process, in terms of nutrition, psycho-spirituality and personal hygiene. If indicated, respiratory exercises (pranayama) and yoga elements are taught. Knowledge of one's own constitution and disorders according to Ayurvedic criteria allows the clients to understand his/her strengths and weaknesses, needs, tintolerances, earlier diseases as well as predispositions. The patient thus develops his/her own resources and manages to correct and prevent disorders in order to avoid a relapse of the disease.

Jean-Pierre Bigler, head of therapy at SAMA, practices medical consultations in Ayurveda. Some manual treatments are provided by himself, others under his supervision by his staff trained within the center.

Herbalist, phytotherapist and nutritionist Jean-Pierre Bigler, a Federal Degree Holder in Ayurveda Therapy, has been trained since the early 1990s in South India and at the European Institute of Vedic Studies in France. As a senior yoga therapist and meditation teacher, he has a global understanding of Ayurveda. He has practiced it according to traditional principles ever since he had created his first center in 2000. Since 2001, he has in parallel to his consultation taken up the role of a teacher and has become the Dean of the SAMA vocational school in 2011.

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