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Values and scopes of SAMA practice

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Values and scopes of SAMA practice

SAMA is dedicated to the creation of an effective model of clinical practice in Ayurveda in an official regulatory framework in the West. It wishes to contribute to the process of institutionalizing Ayurveda as a medical system outside India in order to give future generations access to one of the oldest and most complete medical systems that mankind knew. In this context, the preservation of traditional knowledge is a major objective and a constant concern.

In their medical practise and therapeutic actions SAMA practitioners and therapists work according to the fundamental principles of Ayurveda with respect to the socio-cultural, biological and climatic realities of the West. For each client existing diagnoses, medical reports, para-clinical examinations and treatments are taken into account and the risks of possible interactions are evaluated individually. Priority is given to running treatments unless the client refuses them and the physician or therapist does not see any risk in discontinuing them. Under no circumstances is a pre-existing medication interrupted abruptly. A client may be encouraged to complete a treatment initiated in another medical system before presenting him/herself for an Ayurvedic management of the disease.

The consultations given by the doctors and the therapists as well as all the manual treatments are individualized and take into account the client as a whole.

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